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Local SEO

Be found online. Our local SEO services improve online visibility for your business. Appear in local search results and stay ahead of your competition.

Gain a competitive edge

Improve your page rankings and grow your customer base.

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, local SEO (search engine optimization) gets your business found in organic search results when buyers are looking for your services.

If you want your business to display higher in local search engine results then SEO is a worthwhile investment for your business.  Keep your business ahead of your competition by investing our local SEO services. Upward Digital Marketing offers managed SEO services to our clients in Columbus, OH and nationwide. Let’s work together to optimize your digital presence.

Why is SEO Important?

Local SEO

More than 80% of consumers research online before buying.

Nearly 92% of organic clicks to sites come from Google’s page 1 results.

Organic SEO traffic is the largest form of traffic to a website and SEO directly impacts this.

Good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a website, which leads to higher conversions.

SEO helps make your Google Business Profile listing more visible.

SEO impacts Voice Search, enhances your Mobile Rankings, and helps your business dominate the competition!

What does SEO consist of

Search Engine Optimization has three main components:

Technical SEO

This ensures your website is visible to Search Engines and they can crawl and index your website.

Onsite SEO

This ensures your site is Search Engine friendly and includes various components such as Titles, Schema, Content, H1’s, Architecture, and more. They get optimized with a focus on your main keywords and geographies.

Offsite SEO

This consists of activities such as targeted link building, which is done to enhance the relevance and reputation of your site to help it gain credibility and higher rankings.

Base package (Monthly)

  • 1 keyword topic and 1 target location (Location of Business)
  • 7 target keywords
  • 10+ backlinks every month
  • 5 website pages of on-page optimization
  • Website audit and SEO issues fixes
  • Google My Business listing advanced optimization as required
  • Website uptime monitoring and reporting
  • Weekly website SEO health check via crawler audit
  • 1 piece of content writing or guest blogging (every 6 months)
  • Monthly SEO status reports

Add-on options:

  • Add extra geolocation (one adjoining town/city/neighborhood to their business location)
  • Add an extra topic or set of keywords (Up to 7 keywords/topic)
  • Power boost (consists of additional SEO including 10 additional backlinks every month; 5 additional website pages of on-page optimization)

Build your Program

Local SEO

Start with Base Package

Select our Full Service Package

Local SEO

Are you focused on a major vertical or GEO?

Add our Power Boost Add-On

Local SEO

Need an additional location?

Great! Just add our Extra GEO Add-On

Local SEO

Need more keywords?

Let’s do it! Just add our Extra Topic Add-On for 7 more keywords.


Our most frequently asked questions about SEO.

How does SEO improve my business?

SEO is tangible work being done to the website that strengthens its foundation and makes it more appealing to Search Engines. As a result, the website ranks higher and is more visible to prospective clients on Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

What is on-page vs off-page SEO?

Any work that’s done on the actual site such as, titles, tags, descriptions, content, website structure, etc., is known as On-Page. Any work not done directly on the website, such as blog writing, link building, social sharing, bookmarking, various content and more is known as Off-Page.

Should businesses do SEO if they already rank?
Absolutely! SEO is dynamic. Search rankings and results shift and change. What works today, may not tomorrow. Google is constantly updating and refining it’s algorithms. Also, as competition increases it’s important to stay on top of SEO so your website continues to be relevant. Good websites, are doing SEO constantly to maintain and continue improving their rankings. You may rank for your core terms, but it’s important to rank for secondary and tertiary terms as well.
Can anyone guarantee first page rankings?
No one can guarantee exactly where you will rank, but someone’s business is taking up the first page search engine real estate. By doing the right SEO work, at the correct pace, and in the proper manner, you should expect great results.
What are backlinks and why are they important?
These are links done offsite that signal search engines to the targeted website. There is a lot that goes into backlinking safely. The days of mass link building and black hat SEO are over. We take time and make sure the backlinks come from relevant sites that are true to the business. By doing strong backlink work, your website should rank higher than your competition who is solely focused on on-page work.
Is there a keyword limit to your service?

We focus on seven (7) keyword terms in the base package. More keywords can be added by purchasing the add-ons.

What is On-page optimization and why is it important?

What is on-page optimization?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher. On-page ranking factors can have a big impact on your page’s ability to rank if optimized properly.

Why is it important?

On-page SEO goes well beyond keywords and includes everything from headers to title tags, structured data, image optimization, and more. On-page SEO helps Google better understand your website. And that is essential to improving your rankings, which leads to more organic traffic.


What is the benefit of adding the GEO on every keyword?
Geos are used to ensure Google understands the initial goal of the campaign is to rank in that area. If potential customers are located in that geography when they search and just type the keyword alone without the GEO into Google, it is fine and the business will still show up in the rankings. But, we as an SEO company include the Geo in our work to assist Google in the results pages. Broader based national campaigns will not use a Geo modifier.
What if my business/service is very niche and there isn't a lot of competition. Do I still need to include a GEO?

Geos are used to ensure Google understands the initial goal of the campaign is to rank in that area. If potential customers are located in that geography when they search and just type the keyword alone without the GEO into Google, it is fine and the business will still show up in the rankings. But, we as an SEO company include the Geo in our work to assist Google in the results pages. Broader based national campaigns will not use a Geo modifier.

Do keywords ever drop in position during a campaign?

We can’t control Google and its fluctuations that happen constantly. Over time, the keyterms should rise on an upwards trajectory. Try not to look at them on a weekly or even monthly basis.

How many links can we expect on a monthly basis?
Approximately 10 per each package. Each add-on will include 10 additional links per month.
Is there any work done for Google's Local Pack ranking and Maps tracking ranking?
Yes on both counts, we do track map rankings as well.
Website content writing or guest blogging (every 6 months) – What is this?
We create either guest blogs and/or website landing page content [website blog, homepage content, or any product /service page content] based on the keywords targeted. A guest blog is content written to publish on a third-party blogging site for link-building purposes. It will depend on the package order and SEO needs.
Placed an order–now what?
  1. Website Access Check-up & Keyword Analysis – we will check that the website access is sufficient to upload the SEO work. We will check Google Analytics and Google Business Profile status and request access. We will perform a keyword research analysis and provide you with a list of recommended keywords for you to choose from.  
  2. Dashboard Set-up
  3. After all the initial set up is completed, we get to work on your campaign! 
  4. We put together a benchmark report to track the progress of your campaign in the coming months. Simultaneously, we start working on deliverables of your campaign such as on-page optimizations and off-page link building.
  5. After 1 month, you will get your first report! The report will include all the work completed, benchmarks, and new rankings. You can also access the data via the SEO dashboard in real-time!
What happens during the first month of signing up?
We start working on your website’s SEO optimizations. The on-page work includes:

  • Heading Tag Optimizations
  • Image Alt Optimizations
  • Internal Linking Optimizations
  • Schema & Canonical Set up
  • Google & Bing Search Console
  • Sitemap
  • Heatmap Code Setup

Our Featured Reviews

Local SEO

“We saw dramatic improvements to being ranked within the top 3 searches within our geographic area. That’s 13 of 14 key word searches that have shown that much improvement… We are thrilled with Upward Digital Marketing’s service.”


Local SEO

“Upward Digital has taken our business to the next level with the full array of services they provide. Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Reputation Management, Eblasts, Text Marketing Social Media, Graphic Design etc. The list goes on and on. Dave, Jennifer, and the rest of the team are friendly, professional, and very responsive to all our needs. Couldn’t be happier!”


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