5 Ways Your Website Should Be Helping Your Business

You invested in a business website to help attract more customers and grow your business. If your website isn’t doing the following things to work as hard as you are – it may be time for a Spring Cleaning!

  • Raise awareness of your business;
  • Articulate why potential customers should choose you;
  • Drive appointments, encourage next steps, or sales

In this blog post, we will share 5 great ways your website should help you win more new customers from your website visitors. Implementing these steps will improve the return on your website investment.

1. Make It Easy For Visitors To Contact You

Is your contact information displayed clearly and conveniently? Don’t make visitors spend time hunting around your site just to find a telephone number, they’ll give up and go elsewhere. Include essential contact information on every page (like in the footer and header). You should also have a dedicated contact page that includes a contact form and all the other ways in which a visitor can contact you. Don’t forget to include your business location(s) and opening hours.

This is one of the most important pages on your site, and often it is the last page that potential customers see just before they decide whether to contact you.

Alternate ways to connect with you: Think outside the box and beyond the contact form. Sometimes people will find it easier to talk to you than fill out a form. Create hyperlinks so they can call or text you directly, or even a direct link to send an email message. Live chat or Facebook Messenger are also convenient options for visitors.

2. Build Trust With Potential Customers

Demonstrate that you are a professional in your field and establish yourself as an authority in the industry. Regularly posted informative content ensures that your business meets your clients’ needs. Become the go-to for relevant industry information by sharing great content on your site that provides value. Easy-to-find call-to-action cues assist with converting these users into customers.

3. Speak To Your Target Audience And Help Solve Their Pain Points

The goal is for your website to communicate to the right people in the most effective way. Establish your target demographic and find out what matters to them as they think about making buying decisions. Then tell them what they need to know about you. The who, why, and what.

4. Stay In Touch With Your Potential Customers

Some of those who visit your website aren’t ready just yet to make a decision. This doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in the future. Implement a way to stay top of mind for these people so they think of you when they are ready to take that next step, such as signing up for a newsletter or blog.

5. Optimize Your Website For All Devices

Responsive design makes sure that your website is doing its job no matter how or where customers are viewing it. Did you know that more than half of all searches start on a mobile device? If your business is not displaying optimized experiences for your customers across all digital platforms, you’ve lost more than half of the opportunities for new business. Today’s audience is very impatient and only allows a website a few precious seconds to make a positive impression before moving on.
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